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Sep 11, 2012 11:00pm EDT
a lot to know that people are here to welcome me back to the united states and for a job well done that they do. >> operation welcome home maryland is a group of volunteers to come out here to the airport every day to greet soldiers when they come home. there is a link on our website a few like to get involved with the organization. we are live tonight at b.w.i. thurgood marshall airport. sheldon dutes, wbal-tv 11 news. >> losing a home to arson is bad enough, but for one moment, has become a real nightmare. she is now homeless through no fault of her own, and she has been built thousands of dollars by the city for the demolition of her house. >> is just inconsiderate. >> but next, the investigation, with reaction from city officials. >> we will >> after someone set fire to her house two years ago, brenda lost the home she has lived in for more than 40 years. >> she must deal from the injury she suffered in that fire, but what she is trying to figure out how to come back from the devastating fire, the city put a lien on her house for $8,000. lisa robinson reports it is a fire that
Sep 6, 2012 11:00pm EDT
these united states. >> the re-election is launched 60 days from now, americans will go to the polls. the incumbent president just charged up his crowd again. as valerie jarrett told us just before the broadcast, the senior white house adviser, this is not '08, this is a different man, a different year, tempered. "the new york times" this morning said he was a humble president, perhaps more conservative. we are indoors, after all, tonight. turns out to have been a clear night here in charlotte, but a preponderance of caution. right now democrats are threatening to make this an open-air arena. savannah guthrie and i have moved down to the floor. we have been told we are under threat of confetti cannons, so we'll stay low. the obama daughters, first lady have joined him up on stage. savannah, your initial marks on the speech. >> i think we have just heard the 2012 version of hope and change. i was told by an adviser before this speech that it wasn't going to be about barack obama, it wasn't going to be about mitt romney, it would be about the american people. clearly that's the message
Sep 15, 2012 11:00pm EDT
to brow the president of the united states. i wouldn't want his job, right? ladi a
Sep 4, 2012 11:00pm EDT
will have to watch, but it is nowhere near landfall in the united states. 86 tomorrow, 9's thursday and friday. the ravens kickoff on monday and it will be a little bit cooler. >> the orioles continue to make this a september to remember. more on the wind that pushes them into a first-place tie, and we will show you the yankees continued slide, all next in sports. >> it is tuesday, september 4. tonight's jackpot is an estimated $93 million. you must match these five white balls plus the gold megaball. let's see if we can make to a millionaire tonight. 41-39-53-32-16. tonight's megaball number is 16. if no one that is all six numbers, friday's x tonight the orioles completed a six week race. they were even, in first place with the yankees. the biggest first week of september for the franchise since cal ripken and jr. broke the iron man mark. a three-run shot to left field, his 17th of the season. 3-0 auriols. it was raining for a little while before they shut the roof. they could not put a lid on the orioles. the seventh inning, j.j. hardy with a single. the orioles were in front 7-0
Sep 10, 2012 11:00pm EDT
, and that return long. he won the gold medal in london and today he wins the united states open. >> one of the more popular people in great britain, since the last royal wedding. he is top of his world. the orioles resume and they will host the tampa bay raise. the only game out of first place, what is shaping up as a magical september. >> he needed it. tonight, regrouping and facing it for tomorrow. >> will let you know of the weather looks like the highlight for the raven's tonight. ?o?o?oçoíc';woçwk1 >> we have had an unbelievable weather. wednesday, thursday, it looks beautiful. next, a chance of any showers and storms saturday evening. it is tough to see how that works in here. a round of the midlantic. game, it doesn't get a whole lot better. >> you are getting poetic tonight. >> that is all for love and news tonight. "are you a cool mom?" i'm gonna find out. [ female announcer ] swiffer wetjet's pads are better than ever. now they have the scrubbing power of mr. clean magic eraser so you don't have to get down on your hands and knees to scrub away tough, dried-on stains. hey, do you guys
Sep 12, 2012 11:00pm EDT
.p.h. it is expected to become a hurricane, and then move out in the east and atlantic, way away from united states or bermuda or major land areas. that is the best place for hurricanes to be. 20% chance of a storm front and i appeared sunday to cloudy skies on the weekend. >> stick around for late night with jimmy fallon. >> a jam packed show for all us a baltimore viewers. >> everyone in baltimore. amy adams is here. music from florence and the machine. tonight, our late night. >> we are hoping you do not have to wait for then with your thrills. for your throat. -- for your thrills. next, sports. ?o?o?oçoíc';woçwk >> boards. >> the rookie third baseman was putting the finishing touches on another amazing game tonight. orioles winchell, 2-1. tampa john's on the extra o's. gone. 1-0, rays. the oral's answer was two runs of their own in the bottom of the first. a single into center field. that put the birds up, 2-1. it will be tied in the ninth. the orioles can get the player out in the rundown. a genius play by the rookie third baseman. amazing. with one out in the ninth, guess who is coming ar
Sep 21, 2012 11:00pm EDT
about the upcoming election. to know that the first day of that entire united states is coming to baltimore in support of her husband and the democratic party, it is a great joy for us. >> mitt romney to dave released his latest tax returns for 2011 to prove -- today released its latest tax returns for 2011 to prepaid least 13%. it was 14% last year. details on that and how paul ryan was booed by members of the aarp today. >> mitt romney paid far less tax than he predicted he would pay one is taxes became an issue last winter. but less than he legally had to attend the 2011. he made 31 $7 million, mostly from investments. he donated $4 million to charity but only deducted two and a quarter million. so he paid 41% in federal income tax. mitt romney did not talk about .1% in federal41 income tax but obama raised the white flag of surrender today. he said you cannot change washington from the inside. you have to do it from the outside. we are going to give that chance. >> in virginia, president obama fired back. >> changed text more than one term or even one president. it certainl
Sep 27, 2012 11:00pm EDT
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Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8